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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the advantages of your shoes?
  • Cute, Fun and Comfortable

  • Platform height will make you look taller

  • Ivory color goes with most wedding gowns

  • Will not sink in sand, snow or grass like heels will

  • Variety of heel heights to match any other shoes you have chosen for your wedding

  • A wide platform is ideal for woman who typically don’t like or are not used to wearing high heel shoes

Why would I want to wear sneakers at my wedding?

Our sneakers are for brides who like to have fun! On your wedding day you are going to be standing, walking and dancing a lot and you are going to want to wear shoes that are comfortable. If you think you can stand a new pair of high heels for the entire duration of your wedding then bridal sneakers may not be for you - but if you want to make absolutely sure you are going to be comfortable your entire wedding day or reception then bridal sneakers are a great option for you. Some of our brides love our shoes so much they enjoy showing them off!! Check out our testimonials section to read some of their stories.

Why not just wear ballet flats or flip-flops?

Ballet flats and flip-flops are great options to wear at your wedding with the caveat that they are not going to make you look taller unless they have a platform. However, even if you do buy platform flip-flops - they are not as easy to dance in because they come off so easily. Also, if your wedding is in a cold climate your feet will be cold in ballet flats or flip-flops. 

Many brides like to wear dressy heels for the ceremony and then change into more comfortable shoes for the reception. Because ballet flats and flip-flops have no height, after you change into these shoes you run into many problems such as your dress dragging on the ground and people stepping on it as well as loosing the height from the dressy heels.

Are these shoes appropriate for a wedding?

Absolutely. However, keep in mind that your wedding dress will most likely cover your shoes and people aren't necessarily going to see your shoes all that much. With our shoes you can be confident that if people do see your shoes at the wedding, that the design of our shoes will look appropriate for the occasion.

Why not just wear regular sneakers?

There are many cool sneakers out there but few have the ivory color and height that you need. Also - our shoes make a fun wedding keepsake. Our shoes are something you can keep forever and that you will always remember when you look back on your wedding day.

Which model is the most comfortable to walk in?

All of our shoes are comfortable and easy to walk in so your decision comes down to height and style. Our sneakers come in heights of 2.5” to 4” and we carry models to fit any taste.

Are your shoes going to be too heavy for me?

Definitely not – our shoes look heavier than they really are. The platforms of our shoes are made with a patented material specifically designed to be lightweight.

How do I know which size to buy?

Our shoes run small. Most brides buy a half size or a full size larger than their regular shoe size. Brides with wide feet usually buy a full size larger, even a size and a half. Please make sure to read our return policy before you buy.

How much is the cost of shipping?

We offer free USPS Priority Mail Shipping to the Continental United States on all models for orders of up to two pairs and UPS Ground for orders of three and up to four pairs. We also offer other shipping methods. At checkout you can choose the shipping method that best fits your needs and review the cost before you place your order. We calculate the shipping costs in real time from the providers on our website to ensure you get the best price possible for shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely. We have shipped shoes all over the world. Some special shipping arrangements can be made for countries as necessary.

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